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Adding Funds to Wallet

How to add funds to your wallet to accept participants

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You will be able to fund your wallet either before or after launching your event.
If funded beforehand, funds will be deducted to cover costs of current participants when you launch the event. Any remainder can be used to accept participants who wish to join after launching the mission.

If funded afterwards, funds will be deducted every time you accept a new participant to join, or when a participant joins using the auto join code (if created).

How to Add Funds
You can fund your wallet by opening the side menu and clicking on "Manage Billing".

In the new page, you would need to scroll down to the "Wallet" area.

If you have not yet, please add your Billing details and country and hit "Save Changes" to be able to fund your wallet.

Then, you can type the amount you want to fund your wallet for on "Top Up by Credit Card"


You then hit "Top-Up" and a pop-up will appear to confirm Top-Up amount. If amount is incorrect or you do not wish to Top-Up your wallet you can hit "Cancel" or click on "Confirm Top-Up" if you wish for your invoice to be generated. Once confirmed, your invoice will be generated for you to pay by credit card and you can find it under "Invoices".

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact the support's team email: [email protected]

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