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Creating Teams

How to create teams on My Virtual Mission

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Your mission can be made up of individuals (each to complete) , one big team (all-for-one), a series of smaller teams, or a combination of teams and individuals. The mission admin is responsible for creating teams.

If you have teams on your mission, each team will be working together to complete the total distance goal, and the team will be represented by a square marker on the map (rather than a circle individual marker):

How to set up teams

  1. Click the 'admin' tab on your mission page

  2. Scroll to the bottom and click 'add new team'

  3. Enter team name and upload an image

  4. Repeat for all teams

Teams can be set up before or after participants join the mission

Participants will be able to select their desired team from the drop down menu on the join screen - see below:

The other option is to bring all of your participants onto the mission as individuals, and then move them into teams.

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