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What is My Virtual Mission Premium?
What is My Virtual Mission Premium?

Information on or paid accounts for solo missions

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My Virtual Mission Premium is our paid account option for solo missions.

It unlocks an unlimited number of solo missions that you can participate in for the duration of your premium subscription.

If you are creating your own solo mission (a mission with just you on it) then you can participate in this mission free for the first 30 days.

If you wish to continue beyond 30 days then you will require a My Virtual Mission Premium account.

The cost of My Virtual Mission premium is US $23.99 per year.

My Virtual Mission Premium can be purchased in the web or app by going to main menu and then "Get Premium".


Note: People with active Premium accounts prior to 10th March 2020 can also join some group missions (at the discretion of the mission admin). They can only join group missions that were created prior to 10th March 2020.

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