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Adding Custom Milestones to Your Mission
Adding Custom Milestones to Your Mission

How to set up milestones on your mission

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You can add your own numbered milestones along your mission pathway, which are triggered on the My Virtual Mission app and also emailed through to each participant when they reach these positions on your mission.

You can set the positions, add a title, some text and upload a graphic for each milestone. These are a great addition to any challenge and a perfect way to incorporate important messages, sponsors information or draw attention to specific locations on your mission pathway

Milestones can be set up via the ‘Platform’ tab on your mission page (via Desktop):


Select the points on the map where you want to add milestones:


Scroll down and add the content for each milestone:

*You can select the tick box below the map to display the milestone markers on your mission pathway:

It's a good idea to test out the milestone feature on a Trial Mission and see what they look like when triggered on app, desktop and email.

Have fun!!

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