How to Join a Group Mission

Help article on joining a Group Mission as a participant

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Please note:

If you received an email letting you know you were added to a mission, you will just need to download your app and reset your password using your email address.
For information on how to navigate the our app, please click here .

Your mission administrator will send you a link to their mission, which will allow you to join it. You can only join a mission through the website version of My Virtual Mission.

  1. Visit the My Virtual Mission website and create an account, or log in with your existing credentials. (This step is important as you won’t be able to join if you are not logged into an account)

  2. Open the mission link on your mobile phone's browser or desktop and then click the ‘Request to Join’ button.

  3. Select your relevant team if required. (If you don’t know your team then you can join as an individual by no selecting any team name and the admin can place you into a team if required)

  4. Enter the ‘mission code’ if your mission admin has provided one.

  5. Download the ‘My Virtual Mission’ app for Apple or Android

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, you can email our support team for assistance:

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