Types of Group Missions

Find out about the 2 different mission types

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There are two types of group missions:

1. Workplace Wellness Mission

Suitable for small, medium and large groups

  • Individual or team missions

  • Central "wallet" style billing let's you pay for each user who joins your mission.

  • Participants can join before or after you launch your mission

  • Fixed duration missions of up to 3 months (longer durations available on request)

  • Billing available in multiple currencies

  • For further information and pricing, please complete the inquiry form here

2. Trial Mission

Take us for a test drive

  • Check out the features of the My Virtual Mission platform.

  • Free 7-day trial mission.

  • Up to 6 participants (including the mission admin).

  • Highly recommended before creating a live mission

To create a trial mission, please follow these steps

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