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Internet Connection Error Troubleshooting
Internet Connection Error Troubleshooting

What to do if the internet doesn't work in the My Virtual MIssion App

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If you can open your internet browser and navigate without issues, but a connection error messages is showing up on our apps, then it is worth checking if mobile data is turned off for the MVM app.

On Android

For some devices, if mobile data is switched off for the app, a pop up confirmation message might show up any time the app is opened from a closed state:

The user can change this setting on the device settings screen under MVM app. Depending on the device the path may vary.

Path examples:

  • Huawei Nova 5t: Settings -> Apps -> Apps -> My Virtual Mission -> Data Usage

  • Samsung devices: Settings -> Apps -> My Virtual Mission -> Mobile Data

Make sure your you have all the appropriate options turned on:

On iPhone

Any time mobile data toggles from enable to disabled state for the app, a pop up confirmation message will show up when the app becomes active:

The user can change this setting on Settings -> Mobile -> MOBILE DATA.

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